Unicode compile

To take advantage of the MFC and C run-time support for Unicode, you need to:

  • Define _UNICODE.

    Define the symbol _UNICODE before you build your program.

  • Specify entry point.

    In the Output category of the Link tab in the Project Settings dialog box, set the Entry Point Symbol to wWinMainCRTStartup.

  • Use “portable” run-time functions and types.

    Use the proper C run-time functions for Unicode string handling. You can use the wcs family of functions, but you may prefer the fully “portable” (internationally enabled) _TCHAR macros. These macros are all prefixed with _tcs; they substitute, one for one, for the str family of functions. These functions are described in detail in the Internationalization section of the Run-Time Library Reference. For more information, see Generic-Text Mappings in TCHAR.H.

    Use _TCHAR and the related portable data types described in Support for Unicode.

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